SK Business Conduct - Please help out a university student!

Hi expats in South Korea!

I am working on a university project for an ice cream franchise, and I was wondering if you could answer a few questions:

- What types of ice cream / dessert companies are popular in South Korea?

- When working with franchises, how do you find and choose your South Korean business partner?  Are there any significant cultural differences you need to be aware of?

- How do South Koreans react to American companies (i.e. McDonald's, Subway, etc.)? During times of political stress?

- Where would the best location in South Korea be for an ice cream franchise that is targeting people between 15-29 years old?

- How long does it typically take for a franchise to start (i.e. finding a partner, government restrictions, etc. to opening day)?

Any help is much appreciated - Thank you so much!

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