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We are a couple of expats living in Uccle and with plans to stay here for a long time (my wife is a EU civil servant).
We have a 7 months old baby and next year we will have to start thinking about  and School. Our son will most probably live and study in Belgium during all his student life.
Our son could go to the European (EU) School in Uccle but we have heard some not too encouraging things about it (teachers are not that good and kids with money that may not always behave too well)plus we would like to prepare him for a Belgian University.
Therefore the question is:
1. Would you recommend us a local Belgian School (ideally in Uccle) instead of the European (EU) School in Uccle?
2. If so, what Belgian Schools in Uccle are good? (We are open to Flemish immersion schools too)
We are quite ignorant about the Belgian School system and the fact that there are no rankings in this country does not help us much.
Thanks very much!

EEB starts at age 4, local school up to 2 years earlier, at age 2.5 years. So why not choose local school and give it a try.

Do not overthink things, just make a list of all local schools within 1kms of house and visit them all and choose with your heart.

Dutch (no Flemish you cannot do, it's a cultural designation not language :-) ) immersion will not start till age 5 in a local school. Only a couple of the dozens of maternelles in Uccle does it and how will you support that language in Uccle, with one of the lowest percentages of Dutch speakers in the region, if you don't speak it yourself, don't get your hopes up about any fluency at all, chances are not a single child in the class will speak Dutch at home so they'll only have an adult target.

Hey Martin,

Until last year I gave history, art and economics in a couple off secondary schools in Brussels (I know your child is still very young but I know the reputation off some off the schools in primary and secondary ) ...
First off all, I would recomend a local school. In general, the belgian schoolsystem (and results off the students in global tests) has a high score (in science, languages and math). But there is a difference between the Flemish and Walloon schools, Walloon schools have the reputation to be sometimes more easy. I teached in Flemish and Walloon schools and in my experience I might agree with this.

If you are looking for a good school (primary and secondary) with a good reputation I can recomend you 'Sint-Jan Berchmansscollege (Flemish Jesuit School), 5 min. walk from the centrall trainstation. If you are looking into a French speaking school I would say you need to look up 'Collège Saint-Pierre' in Uccle where students can follow courses in immersion (geography and history in Dutch).

I teached at both schools and they are within there region very good. If you want extra info, just contact me (I am still in contact with some teachers at Sint-Jan and my sister teaches at Saint-Pierre.


Dear Tervurener and Tom86,
Very helpful advise. It is sometime a bit difficult for an expat to navigate the Belgian system and we are very ignorant about the schooling system here. Your advise is very much appreciated.
@Tom86: if you do not mind I will send you a message later on this weekend with a couple of questions. It would be great to talk to you.
Thanks a lot!

Unless you live or work 5 minutes from Sint Jan Berchmans, you cannot have your children at that school and it's not in Uccle or anywhere near it.

It's not that difficult to navigate the Belgian school system. Try here. Don't chase a name, go and look at your nearest schools.

@Tervurner: Like I said, 'Sint-Jan' is nearby brussel-central, not in Uccle ... And a lot off my students didn't came from the centre off Brussels (Waterloo, Braine-Ailleud, Tervuren, Uccle, ...). But I agree that it is a school where all places are taken within 5 minutes from the moment they open the 'lines' (really, you have to subscribe your child by telephone and in less then 5 min, they are 'sold out', at least in secondary school).

the op has a 7 month old, not looking for secondary. you do not line up for a place at sint jan berchmans for pre primary or primary, you apply online and make a list in order of preference for several schools, first place are given to dutch speaker, then to those living or working 5 minutes away. i dont beleieve there is immersion of college st pierre maternelle, you are talking about secondary immersion and that is not suitable for a 7 month old.

Hi Tom,

Is 'Collège Saint-Pierre' a public school? We are moving to Belgium in a month or two and I am in search of a good public school. Also does this school have uniform for kids or is it casuals.

Why does a school uniform have any relevance?
All public schools are on the 2 websites of the 2 main language communities.
Why this school, or in fact 1 of the 2 St Pierre schools?

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