Presenting myself

Hi... I'm Listy, a new member of this site, and I'm particularly interested in Cameroon's network of expatriates as I'm going back there soon. So, if any of you resides in Cameroon, I would love to know you... send me an email, ok?

Welcome on Expat-blog Listy! I hope you will have lots of contacts here... See the other threads on the Cameroon forum and Cameroon expat network...

All the best,

Where are you going to live: Douala? Yaounde? or somewhere else?

Hi Delphie (or Raph). I am planning to move to Douala around end of January of 2011. Could you mind giving me some information about housing, healthcare, price of life, etc in Douala? I know I am asking a lot but any help you can provide is highly appreciated. I currently live in Port Gentil, Gabon along with my wife and were supposed to move to Abidjan, but with the situation over there, the company has decided to send me to Douala.
Thanks in advance for any help!!

Merry Christmas!!

I need more information about Cameroon. Any expats who's living there willing to share some information with me?

HI Listy - are you still in Cameroon? Is there much of an Aussie contingent in Doula?

i am not an expat but welcome home

Hi there

I need more information about Cameroon... ? Anyone willing to help out ? My husband got a job offer in Duoala... and we first need to see about schooling for our kids, housing ect....

Anyone willing to help with basic info ect...

Thank you