A teaching job in Chennai


I am an American teacher; I recently appled to The School KFI which is the Krishnamurti Foundation school in Adyar, on the grounds of The Theosophical Society.  They have responded and said they'd like to pursue my application.  I am very, very interested in the school but have never even been to India and am nervous about the whole idea. Has anyone been to Adyar?

dont be nervous missy. Chennai is a very safe place and the people are genuinely warm. I am a indian american from nyc currently living in chennai.  i can also be reached on my cell 9811154435. cheers! micky d

ui have  been to kfi
it  is veryu  simple ashram kind of school with basic amenities


Dont be afraid ,Chennai is good place to live in India.Tamil Nadu is well known for its culture ... so just hang out with it...make friends then you will enjou a lot...:)