How's work life & safety for indian in nigeria


Anyone joined/working with platinum corporation, Lagos?  Want to know about marketing function in the organization.


Hi there,
I got lucrative offer from simba group, Lagos , can pls tell me how is company & how safe is Lagos ?
Pls reply urgent .

Hello Everyone,
I am planning to move to lagos to work for Oil and gas company.
They are going to provide me 4000USD without accommodation .
so please guide is this money is sufficient to survive and make some good savings.
please advise.
Also which ares in Nigeria are good to live with as Indian??
please guide.

many thanks

Hi Mahendar,

My Cousin is getting an offer from OLAM and they are asking him to go for training to nigeria for 2 months.. kindly give some comments.. about safety in Nigeria and about the company as well..

It would be a big help , kindly the earliest...

Hi Hetal

I have a offer from same group. Pl gt back at vkmishra at hot mail dot com

Hi Arebee
Plz guide,I got an offer from Leoplast Industries Ltd., based at Lagos can it be OK to join.
Please guide my email I'd is ***

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Hi, Have you heard of Simba Group or Simba Motors. Have got an offer from this company. I'll be posted in Lagos. Need to know about this company??  Kindly assist.

No not heard of that company. Life in Lagos is good, which part as it is very large area larger than Delhi. Just that be friendly to Nigerians. Can you please provide more details so that i can contact my friends there and let you know as we have shifted back to India year back.

Hi hetal pandya u can write to me on *** -- Vijay

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hi there, with a 4000 USD pay, that is almost a million naira. you will be very fine here in Lagos with such pay and you can live in an indian community in Ilupeju or 1004 estates in Victoria Island

If you want start work in Lagos, firstly you should doing ohs course Worth focus your attention on this matter.

Lagos is good and place. Just like Delhi and Mumbai

How is lagos city is it safe to work and live?

Hi I'm Majid khan  from Delhi India  I got job in cash & carry in Nigeria. It's save country for indian.

Hi All

I am born Indian and have 3 years working experiance in Nairobi, Kenya.

I received a call from that there is a vacancy for Head of Information Technology in Jotna Group Corporate office located in Lagos.

Would be very helpful if anyone can guide me and find some information regarding the company.


when are you going ??

I just have applied on, so was inquiring about the company.

You mean as in kidnappings in Indians?for what ?they dont have money to pay kidnappers and besides Indians aren't attractively rich to be kidnapped.government of Lagos are so much at at alert.kidnapping is no where near Lagos.I have have a house there

Hi all,
Any one jointed Fareast Mercantile company

any update on this.

i have received the offer from same company.

for which company you have got the offer.... ??

Hi Anuradha,


This is Sudhir here from Bengaluru ,evaluating a job offer from a local Nigerian company run by Indians-M/s.AOS ORWELL Ltd to be based at Port Harcourt,Rivers.

Hence keen to check on the living for Indians/Bangaloreans in the area as I'm married with a  11 years old girl child. Kindly detail me on the safety, cost of living, accommodation,education/schooling etc.

Await your kind reply that will empower our decision.

Thanks & Regards,

Does anyone can give info about work and safety in lagos  for an indian ???

My Husband got an offer in VeePee Group in OTA,Nigeria.

I searched in google, But I coudnt find much information about,
how to get family visa to Nigeria, so that, I can go with him.

It will be helpful to have any information regarding this.


Strongly recommend connecting with someone of that company vide Linkedin & verifying the terms offered by the company.

You can also contact the Indian Embassy at Nigeria with specifics,seeking guidance & support.

Good luck!


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Thank you.

Dear Friends,

I got an offer from Sterling Oil Exploration and Production company.. in Nigeria ..
Is that company good.. Is Salary is paying on time.. can i Proceed further..
Kindly advice


Hi Everyone,


Need some advise from you people, i got an offer from a company called GEE PEE Industries in Asaba, nigeria...

I would like to know about the place, safety? Climate ? about any disease? any idea about company?

Company promised me to provide fully furnished house , Car and some money for local expense around $300 dollars apart from savings.

Is this amount enough for managing local expenses?

Can someone inform about the safety in Lagos for Indians. I am coming to Lagos next month.
Got a job offer.

Susheel Raina

I got an offer from Royal Salts LTD. So plzz anyone tell about the company and working in Lagos...
Aman Sharma.

i got an offer from Sterling Petrochemicals & Fertilizers, Logos, Nigeria.
1-Is it a good company over there to work??
2- Is its safe place to work?
3- How expensive is the Logos city, company will provide me accomodation .

Can any one help me??

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