job in afghanistan

hi ,, anyone here  can help me find work in afghanistan , ? thanks.. i applied online but nothings happen.

Why Afghanistan of all the places ? It is not safe for migrants and that too a woman.

Better places to work than Afghanistan. I had 2 years there.
Unless you have overseas experience it is difficult to get work there.
And remember that the ISAF forces are moving out soon and people's safety is a real concern, especially expats.

As foreign forces move out, the probability of a civil war or general chaos is pretty high.
It looks pretty grim at the moment; I see that being far worse in the near future.
Without going into politics - the invasion was really badly planned stupidity that was always going to make things even worse than they were.

How about Tajikistan?  Is that close enough?

Close but no prize...!!!
Marginally better safety wise but still a concern for expats.

There is English but mostly they use Tajik which is similar as Persian language.

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