Turkish & Cooking lessons (Turkish Cuisine)

Hi everybody

This is Hasan 26 years old new graduate ı have my job but for the evenings and the weekends I am planning to give Turkish and cooking lessons.

Anyone that is interested in learning Turkish language and Turkish cuisine. just contact me.


Have a great time in Turkey!


Hi Oztoklu,

Please feel free to post your advert in the Cooking classes in Turkey section, this might be help. Thank you! :)



Expat-blog team.

Hey Thanks a lot for the advice. Do you live in Turkey?

[at]Oztoklu - pls note that David is part of Expat-blog team which based in Mauritius :)

Haha ı see thank man :)

Miammmm!!!! Turkish cuisine i m diying!!!!!!!!!!

Hi, I'm in Turkey and have been looking for a place to learn how to make/bake some Turkish puddings like baklava? Are you the guy to speak to?


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