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I'm a Canadian looking to move to Asia some time in the next several years. I want to do this because I'm interested in the geography, the culture and I think it would be an exciting lifestyle change.

I don't even know if this is feasible for me, as I have a limited skill set and no education. Mostly, I suppose that I am just looking for options right now. It's a long term goal, so I have lots of time to plan out the details. For example, what would I get into before I move as far as education goes, etc.

Right now I am just looking for opinions from others who have traveled to and lived in Asia, particularly in the eastern region. If you were young and didn't have much experience at the time, how did you make that transition and become independent in your new country? If you do have experience and could go back in time, or give any advice to a person starting out, what would you do?

Any advice at all would be appreciated. My last thread didn't really get any attention, so hopefully this one will. I will stick around on these boards anyway to try and learn more about life in Asia, and to meet other expats and share experiences. Thank you in advance.

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It would be better if you specify the country in Asia that you would like to move.

I also suggest you to browse through the differents threads on the Asia forum. This might surely help.

Thank you and best of luck.

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That's the question, really. I'm not sure where exactly would be the best place for me to go and live a sustainable lifestyle.

Thanks for the advice.

You are setting yourself up to lose . get some. education and or expertise , and some financial security or you will take a licking in Asia.

First of all, you have to choice the countries, and start to study the local language, the basic in conversation and reading/writing to survive.
good luck

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