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Pinoyuzbek I am planning to travel to Uzbekistan nxt year..i have lots of Uzbek friends here in korea telling me a lot of great things about it safe to travel there? how long have u been living there? are there a lot of Filipinos living in Tashkent? thanks for accommodating my questions.

Hi Sheng:-)
Unfortunately I'm the only one lfilipino living here in Tashkent, I've been here almost a year now and Tashkent is the place where I can say "peaceful country". People here are so kind specially if they will know that you're a foreigner. There are some foreigners here but only one filipino and that's me hehehehe only Koreans are a lot in here.
Anyway are you planning to visit or work here?
Uzbekistan is not Afghanistan which people thinks about safety. Here in Uzbekistan is zero 0 crime, even you can walk alone late at night and you can assure that no one can harm you.
Anyways you can ask me more, just send me email ronnie.lingotan[at]

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im planning to visit maybe early next year:) are u working there?i'll sure contact you if my plans pushthroug ,i'll email u for further inquiries later on hehehe  thanks so much!

Hello am coming to tashkent next week regarding job before I was working in Afghanistan for 3 years in supreme fuels can you help me to find jobs in tashkent

Hi, i would just like to know how long have you been living there, whats your work?
Kindly tell me how to land a job there, i am 36 years old, filipina and currently here in the philippines.

Thank you and hoping to hear from u soon

I'm staying in Uzbekistan for 9months and stayed with my Uzbek wife. I stayed home only and enjoying the country going from city to city, and it was really a great country. But the only sad thing is that I'm the only filipino there. I don't know how to apply a job there because I'm lazy hehehe just want to explore sleep and eat,,,,
Anyway we're here in America already and we'll be back in Uzbekistan in 2 years.

Hi there.. I'm a Filipina and I've met an Uzbek guy so I caught an interest to join here.. I wonder about Uzbek people as my Uzbek friend told me that all Uzbek are not allowed to marry any nationality... or should i say, it's a shame for them if they will marry other nationality. Just want to clarify this issue..

Thanks a lot!!

Dear all, welcome to Uzbekistan!!
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I am a Alumni of UK University and planning to start a School system in Tashkent . Any Ideas and suggestions are welcome plz stay in touch

It is not a shame but by the religious rules we people from Uzbekistan used to marry only our nationality. But there is a free will to marry the person who you love independent on a nationality status.
So if you want to marry uzbek guy you are most welcome. Just try to find him and that's it

How about gay?

They are always welcome. We do a lot of things with them))

Punishment ranges from a fine to 3 years in prison.

Hi there i would like to know if you got your marriage registered in uzbekistan and if yes then please be kind enough to inform the procedure and the documents required as well as the cost and time required to complete the process.

Tajj ali

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