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Hi,i'm planning to move to Vienna this Summer for some months (wich may extend to a gap year) and i need some tips on general cost of living, housing,volunteering/job opportunities,and german learning courses,preferably within the 1st district.I have already lived in Belgium so i understand most of the expatriates'chalenges, but still would like to know more about life in Vienna and how to better prepare my stay, since i have no contacts in the city except for some ocasional"friends of friends". Also, travelling as a single female,i would like to know the risks of staying in Vienna by myself, since i found Belgium safe enough to walk the streets alone and drove my bicycle often at night without any problems.  Thank you :)

Hi! A shared appartment is about 300 Euro I think, transportation is 50 Euro/month. A beer is about 3 euro if you go out, 60 cent at the supermarket (can). Coffee is also about 2,50-3 Euro. You can eat out for about 10 Euro including a drink.. Cab isn't too expensive either.

Vienna is a very safe city so don't worry about that.

Welcome to Vienna :)

Hello, I am a Spanish girl that a few days I am going to live to Vienna.I am looking for apartment but they are very expensive.If someone can help me or knows students who share apartment please communicate it to me. Thank you.

Hello Lorenamc26!

Welcome to Expat-blog! :)

Check out Vienna classifieds. It might be useful. Also, you could post an advert (Category- Accommodation).

Good Luck!


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