comfortable living salary in mauritius

I am considering doing a marketing internship in mauritius. The only problem is that the salary is about 200 euro per month of a period of 6 months.
Will I be able to survive on this?

How easy is it to find second jobs, such as server, barman jobs etc?

200 euros is pretty low indeed, but I am not sure you could get much more for an intership. How long would last your internship? What kind of occupation or work permit would you get ?

Thanks for your reply julien. I will be getting a residence permit for 6 months. This will also be the duration of the internship.
Will it be possible to find a second job such as a bartender job, or working for a scuba company on weekends?

I have been told that the salary of 200 euros will just about cover my accomodation costs. Besides accomodation, what is the cost of living and how much more money will I need?

residence permit ? you should ask more details to your employer ...

I am not sure you'll be able to work, it depends on your work or occupation permit.

About the cost of living:

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