Stand Up Paddle Kuwait

I have tried a quick Google search but didn't get results.  Is SUP a popular sport there?  Is there any shops? I have a board and want to bring it with me if I won't be able to purchase one for a good price there.

quite honestly i have never heard of that particular sport here mon ami; mind explaining what it is so that i may at least try to recollect if i've seen it performed on the beaches here?

This is what it is:

I've never seen anyone do it here, people love to power themselves with gas here. Lots of gas.

I wouldn't mind trying it though.

It is pretty popular here in Hungary where I live and in Los Angeles where I am from.  I may just bring my board with me when I move there and start a new trend there.  It is pretty fun.

Check this out:

Write up about paddle boarding

Yeah, what a coincidence, I just saw it myself. So who is interested?

I see this is an old thread, but I am waiting for my SUP to be delivered then I will be out on the water. It will be nice to others out there. Safety in numbers against the jet skis!

Jet skis are always buzzing me when I go out.  They never to close but I think they are just curious because I never see any other boards out there.

Cool. You did bring your board then? When mine arrives and I know how to inflate it, I will get in touch and get out on the water!

I'm in kuwait and have a paddle board with me

I paddleboard and am flying our boards back with us to Kuwait.  We left for 9 months but are heading back in 2 weeks.  We frequently paddleboard and SUP surf as well.  I hear every once in awhile there are some decent waves in Messilah.

Oh and there is a board shop in Kuwait, it just showed up in a google search a few weeks ago, their site says they have SUP boards but it looks like they specialize in kitesurfing.

I know this is an ancient thread, but I am resurrecting in case the participants are subscribed.

While thinking about the fun activity to do during the warmer months when it is not advisable to run, I remembered that paddle board would fit the bill nicely. I usually spend weekend afternoons during warm period down at the Khiran and the lagoons are perfect for paddle boarding.

I did a quick search and I must admit I did not expect the board proces to be so Kuwait they go for 450 KWD and up, and they are not much cheaper in UAE either.

Before investing it would be prudent to try it first. Anyone with a paddle board still around to help a novice?

HI Rib,

where in the lagoons do you go? I gave up on even going there as  I went last September, there were about 17 jet skis going round in circles hour after hour, and the speedboats cruising around with their loud music on.. went I went back in October, the whole beach was totally and utterly trashed out - pity I can't find a way to attach the pictures on here.

It is a large area so it is still possible to find a little piece of your personal paradise. :)

I take the Road 285, cross the bridge, turn left and on the right side there are lagoons that still don't have a single chalet built. It was completely deserted and quiet. For some reason the sand feels better too.

Never seen a jet ski, an occasional motor boat, and once a couple of savages on quads plowing through the beach, but most of the time there isn't a soul there. It really helps to retain my sanity through the week.

Again an old topic but SUPs are gaining popularity. Have a look at facebook and instagram for @redpaddlecoq8 as one of the suppliers. They do free demos as well.

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