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I am looking to move to Cotonou, Benin to start a business I printed off some information I found that was supposedly updated in June of 2013 but I need as much information as I can get on what needs to be done really, I am a US citizen married my wife is a Lebanese citizen with a green card and we have a 2 year old daughter.

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Can you please give us some details on the business you would like to start in Cotonou?

I am sure you will get some relevant and helpful answers very soon.

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I'm law consultant specialised in updating company. all informations you get  is true you can update your company in 1 day in cotonou presently. (Moderated: No free ad on the forum pls)

IT is importing clothing, tools etc from America to Benin

I am looking for information on actual costs I have heard you have to grease some palms ( pay people) to get stuff done, also I am looking for taxation information, and I am thinking of getting 40 ft. containers of clothing and tools etc how much do I have to pay to get it out of the port, how much to rent a place if I want to have like a warehouse/store where I can supply other stores and sell to customers too etc...

These questions are on professional area but i go help you for some question for the rest you must write me on my private email [Moderated: pls send details in private]
In a container
For Clothing only in a container of 40 feed you will pay 14000$ to get it out from port to your store.
About the rent of store  there are different kind. I want to know how many container you want to stored. to have a store you need 400$ or 600$ 1000$
write to me on my email to have more information and to update quickly your company you need a LTD company including trader card

I emailed you yesterday did you get my email?

yes i just come to answer you

Are there no Americans living and working in Benin who read this blog? I would like to hear some info from someone actually living what it is I am thinking of doing.

Can you give me you email address. I need to discuss regarding registering company in Contonou, Benin.