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I just arrived in Nairobi to work as intern for the Italian Embassy. I'm looking for a place to stay. There's also my collegue who just arrived who's interested in sharing a flat with me. We're searching 2 rooms in an apartment, also with other young people and possible not too far away from the city centre. We will stay in Nairobi only for three months. We don't need any swimming pool or security. We just need a decent and furnished place to stay.
Do you have any suggestion?
Thank you

Hi Giulia! You should also try the Nairobi classifieds > accommodation section.

Good luck

Accomodations are there but it will depend with where your offices are situated.

Asante sana Christine,
I looked at the web site you posted.
We work downtown at the International House. However, since we are interns, we are not payed. This means that we are looking for a place not too far away from the city centre, basically in Westlands, Kilimani, Kileleshwa and Parklands, but not too much expensive. And we would like to share it with other people in order to reduce the costs and to meet other nice people.
If you have some ideas, or if you have some friends whoare searching for flat mates, just let me know.

Hello! I'm a 26 year old gentleman from Cameroon, who will be arriving in Nairobi at the end September. I am looking for a house or a flat to move into with some good people. I will be taking a course at the East African School of Aviation. The duration of this course is six months though I may extend it once I am there. As a student I am looking for affordable accomodation in the neighbourhod of 30 000 to share with some good person or people. Any  helpful tips and contacts are welcomed. Cheers!

Hi Giulia and Douala,

I have a house in Nairobi which I want to share with 1 or two people. The rent is only 25000 Ksh and it is 5-15 mins away from the city centre (depending on your destination). I live in it alone (I am a 28yr old lady).

Drop me an e-mail if you are interested.



I do have shared accomodation in kilimani along oleodume road.  Its a three bedroom house with two extra rooms.  very clean and spacious. 

Contact me for further information.  The rent is Kshs 28,000 including all utilities.

Best wishes

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