group who practice Buddhism

I have been recently introduced to buddhism. Im looking for people who practice same . Is there any SGI community who meet for  chanting  together. Im based in Quater borne

I am looking for Buddhist meditation. If you come across anything please let me know :-)

Me too, meditation, buddhism...

cool! thats 3 people. where is everyone based. It would be good to meet up if anyone is interested. I miss my old mediation group back at home.


I am living in Rivière Noire not too far from F en F :)

cool! I'm already feeling more chilled  :top:

so do you practice mindfulness and metta bahavna?


Hi. Wel come to Mauritius.  I am a member of SGI. Living in Tamarin.  There is a big community and we meet almost every Sunday for chanting and group discussion.  There are members in Quatre Borne too. We will have a meeting this Sunday in Flic and Flac.  Contact me Mutindi 54735280 and I can give you more details.

Cool! In mindfulness and metta bahavna?

Hi to everyone,
I'm so glad, finally I found SGI community.
This sunday I'm busy .can I have contact detail of somone in quater borne.


Hello,I'm vaarii from Italy...
Im a member of sgi,I wanted to know if anyone of you know some mauritian practising in Italy??
Im comming back to our country in vacation, can I have some address  where you have meetings ecc..??
I don't know if in Mauritius we have our sgi cultural center??

Thanks to however answer!!

Can anyone recommend am SGI group my friend in Mauritius can chant with?  She recently started chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo but doesn't know anyone on the island that chants.  Her name is Devina ** on FB, or contact me (Julia ***) at the FB G***

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Hello! So glad to see a community here! I have moved to Mon Choisy from the States with my family. Are there any SGI members up north? I would love to connect.

Good for you, you found what you were looking for. :)

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