tb could be ban lifetime in uae?

Please give me some advice regarding with my problem. I've been in sharjah, uae 3 weeks ago. Maybe I was deported because of my health problem. Actually, it was my first time to enter in uae. I was under visit visa that time and I find a job. Unfortunately they couldn't release me a residence visa because of health problem. They found out something in my chest and I told to my boss that we could take a second opinion to prove that there wasn't. Then he agree for that, he told me i will take an eye test. On the next day, we went together at mininstry of health, but there's nothing an eye test happened. I just did a finger print and cancellation. My boss told me that there is a possibility that I will be back to my country of origin so I would be ready anytime. But he assured to me that I can come back anytime in UAE as long as that I can give them a certificate that I am fine and fit to work, so better to check again in the Philippines and ask some certificate. Just want to ask that is this possible? And I already have a lifetime ban in U.A.E? What if that I can provide the certificate that I am fit to work? Is there's any problem in immigration in the airport in UAE? Please give me some advice.

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With your story i could relate to that i have a friendwho was deported last february from UAE becuase she got a hepatitis b and his employer had help her to be able to stay and work with them but the immigration had put a permanent ban on her .so unfair because she works in Dubai for 6 years and been transferring form different companies and it is only with the new company that dhe failed.She went to the dept. of labor but they told her that there is no permanent ban in this case only deportation however the labor cant interfer becuase she is under the freezone visa.My question is is there a way she can lift her ban if she can supply a health certificate back home to show that she s clear from this disease.

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I advice that you call this number 800-555, it's the government helpline, they will surely connect you to the right people whom you can help you in this matter.

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thanks for the reply and suggestion about the number we should call, which goverment agency is this helpline number?My friend had went to labor office and contacted the customer service to set her up for a meeting with a lega councilor about her case but when she told the customer service person that she is under the freezone visa they told her that they cannot help her on that problem becuase this is a freezone visa and not the labor visa?And she went to immigration office and  the people there where not helpful at all instead the emarati ladies in the counter told here that there is no way to lift the permanent ban?


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