Looking to Sharie a Flat in Cuzco

Hi, my name is Jean-Francois ,I'm 33 years old and I'm from Montreal, Canada .

I'll be moving to Peru on November 6th and will take the bus to Cuzco on November 10th.

I'm looking to rent a room in a shared flat for at least 3 month but it should be easily 6 month.

I need a high speed Internet and an already furnished room.

I'm open to share Diners and food cost and do the everyday task to keep the apartment clean.

I have between 400 to 450 soles per month to contribute for the rent .

If anyone know anything about some cool spot, please let me know.


Hi Jean-Francois,

I also invite you to post your ad in the Shared accommodation in Lima section. It might help you in your search.

Thank you,
Expat.com team

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