About Family Visit Visa in Saudi Arabia

I have applied for family visit visa last week (21/10/2013) and my application was rejected. My iqama profession is Programmer and also I am doing programmer job in a company. I applied visit visa for my wife. My profession was updated before 3 months.

From the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, it came the message-
"Ministry Apologies for achieving your demand"

What could be reason for rejecting the request for family visit visa-

1) Is it for immediately after the Hajj?
2) Is there any restriction like after change the profession need some period to update?

Please advice and help.


They don't specify reasons and it's not necessary they really had any.

Your best bet would be to keep trying putting a gap of few days every time. This is how most people get it.

I don't think the time is an issue. I applied for Visit Visa for my Father on 20/Oct and they issued the same on 24/Oct. Please ensure that, all the information in the application is correct and comply with the expectations of MOFA.

Hope this helps.


I would like to bring my parents to the kingdom for a visit.. My profession is Contract Administration Technician..

What are the procedures for the application of Family Visit Visa??

Can anyone advice me in this matter..


Yes, Visit visas are being rejected these days for Muslims. Same happened to me. I will apply again in Muharram now.

For Bin:

http://qsaudi.com/getting-visit-visa-fo … ts-online/

Check this post, step by step guide.

saqib gul: Thanks for the guidance..

Dear apply after 1st of Muhammaram. Now the foreign affairs is busy in making exits so for the time being they have stopped giving visits to family. I am professor in university and our university administration told us about this just two days before.

The same happened to me.. I am  an non Muslim. . Applyed visit visa for my wife and son on 21st oct 2013. All documents were correct but got rejected.. now I have applied again.. I have changed my sponcer and profession recently.. will it be a reason for rejection?

Please help

Is it difficult to make family visit visa for
Someone with work permit visa in saudi had single status, but then he married?

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