Off Road (4wD) Club

My family are currently in Riyadh, in Saudi Arabia.  One of the highlights of our time here has been getting out of the city and exploring remote parts of the country with the 4wD club.

We have purchased the Explorer OffRoad books for UAE & Oman and done 3 trips in UAE during our time in Saudi.  So we are aware that there are lots of fabulous places out there to visit.

Does anyone know if there is a 4wDing club in Dubai?

I'm always happy to find fellow/sister off-road enthusiasts out there! :D

In Abu Dhabi, we have Many drivers do come up from Dubai and meet us on the road to Al Ain or Sweihan on Friday afternoons (sometimes on Saturdays).

There is also UAE Offroaders I think this club is Dubai based.

There's another AD club called UAEOffroaders (find them on seems to be suspended at present).

I'm quite partial to AD is a priority, and there's a structure in place for advancing in the ranks to more challenging drives. There LOTS of drives out there every weekend, and it's such a nice mix of nationalities. They are there to help absolute new drivers, and there are different levels of drives in place.

When you get here, alethe, shoot me a PM.


Register on this.... great guys... good offroad experience
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Hello everyone,

This is Shyrell and I work for Explorer Publishing, the company behind the UAE and Oman Off-Road Guides!!

Weare currently on the look out for Off-Road enthusiasts who are interested to join our Media Sales Team. Someone who can talk the ins and out of off-roading. The job is to do Media Sales of advertising, sponsorships on all print, online or events.

Anyone interested, drop me your cv at [email protected]

Happy off-roading!

Hi Shyrell! You should post in the Dubai classifieds > job section. Thanks and good luck! :)

Hi! My boyfriend and I are hoping to spend a week in Dubai visiting friends living there. We're keen offroaders in the UK and would love the chance to spend some time in the Dunes (and maybe even overnight camp). We won't have our own 4x4 (or camping gear) but we really want to avoid the tourist outfits that offer 45 mins then herd you off to a Bedouin camp / BBQ! Any recommendations gratefully received.