Registering a birth in Oman


About to have a baby or already had children? Let's share your experience about the paperworks for registering a birth in Oman.

What are the formalities to obtain a birth certificate?

What is the procedure to follow if both parents are of the same nationality or for a mixed couple?

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I will list the procedures step-by-step for registering a newborn baby’s birth as individual points to keep it as succinct as possible !

(1)    The hospital where the baby is born, will give a certificate recording that the birth took place in their hospital, providing details of the date and time, etc.

(2)    That certificate has to be taken first to the Ministry of Health, where it will be stamped by the authorities.

(3)    The stamped letter has to be taken next to the Directorate General of Civil Status, along with copies of (i) father and mother’s passports, (ii) father and mother’s attested wedding certificate (iii) father and mother’s visa pages, and, (iv) father and mother’s resident cards.

(4)    All these documents will be scrutinised and signed by the authorities.

(5)    The token has to be taken next and when the turn comes, all the papers must be given to the officer at the booth.

(6)    He / She will check one more time to see if all required approvals / authorisations have been taken and will ask for the baby’s name for registration.

(7)    For Omanis, the names of expatriates can be quite complicated to hear and write. For that reason it is advisable to take the newborn baby’s name printed in an A4 sheet nice and bold, so that the officer can input it easily.

(8)    The officer will give a sample birth certificate for the parent to double-check the name of the newborn to be registered and all the other details printed therein.

(9)    Upon confirmation by the parent that all the details like place of birth, date and time of birth of the child is correct, the final ‘Birth Certificate’ will be printed out.

(10)    Each ‘Birth Certificate’ costs R.O. 5/-. They are available in English and Arabic separately. Any number of birth certificates can be obtained. (But when I asked for 5 in Arabic, the Officer told me to take just 2 or 3 as it would be useless for me – and would save him some work !!).

(11)    The Birth Certificate is about an A5 sized single folded card containing the following information :

(i) Civil Number
(ii) Name
(iii) Sex
(iv) Date of Birth (Hijri)
(v) Date of Birth (Gregorian)
(vi) Father and Mother’s Civil Numbers; Names; Religion and Nationalities
(vii) Date of Issue (Gregorian), and lastly the
(viii) Place of Issue

(12)    Once the Birth Certificates are printed out, the officer will then laminate them manually and hand them over to the parent.

(13)    The Birth Certificates are not considered valid or official yet, unless they are taken to the Ministry of Foreign Affair and individually get attested for a fee of R.O. 5/Birth Certificate.
(14)    Once the attestation is done, then the process is complete and the next step is to fill the passport application form and do the needful for applying for the baby’s passport. And that’s an entirely different process !

(15)    The nationalities of the parents are immaterial for registering their newborn baby, as long as their marriage certificate is valid and authorised and as long as they are registered residents of Oman.

(16)    If the parents come from different nationalities, then while applying for the child’s passport certain affidavits have to be taken and attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs before submitting them to the Embassy. This is to ensure that the parents do not apply for dual passports for the child.

Hi Sumitran,

Thank you for this useful information. :top:

Hi Sumitran,

I am an Indian citizen who was born in Oman. I have the birth certificate issued by the Ministry of health of Oman. I require a copy of the original birth certificate for my higher education. Do you, by any chance know how a non-resident can apply for a copy?


Hi 029a,

Contact your nearest Oman Embassy and I am sure they will be able to get you a copy of the original birth certificate.

If they can't, I doubt if anyone else can.

Good luck.

I'll do that. Thanks! :)

Hi, my wife is about to have a baby...i am working as marketing manager and i was able to bring my wife in house maid visa as new policy required 600 riyal as salary. This is my second marriage. I had updated my first wife name in passport. I moved to muscat 7 yrs back. On my visit to india..we got mutual divorce and moved ahead in life. No child from first wife. Now i went to indian update my second wife name...they are asking to degree certificate which i dont have. I tried to contact my first wife...she moved to usa...tried all ways...but did not get any information...I need to update my wife name to get family visa...pls help me what to do now..secondly my wife wants the delivery in oman itself...will the name not change will effect in my child passport...need help

Thanks Sumitran for the useful info.
Any idea about the deadline for getting the birth certificate for expatriates in Oman?

I saw from the BLS website that one year is for getting the passport but I dont know about the birth certificate.

sajeeshc :

Thanks Sumitran for the useful info.
Any idea about the deadline for getting the birth certificate for expatriates in Oman?

I saw from the BLS website that one year is for getting the passport but I dont know about the birth certificate.

Hi sajeeshc,

Within 30-days of the child's birth is what is commonly being said.

But the authorities are not very serious about it as long as you do not delay it too much (say a couple of months).

Better to get the registration done without any delay.

Good luck.

Thanks a lot sumitran.

My husband works in Doha, Qatar and my parents live in muscat, oman. If i am getting my delivery done in Oman  my doubt is that, since civil ids of both mother and father of the new born infant has to be given to get the birth certificate attested which is in turn required to get a passport for my baby, will I be able to get all this done there? If so how? Can anyone clear my confusion?

Hi Soshjs,

Unless the would-be mother and father are both registered residents of Oman, it would not be possible to have the baby delivered here.

I am a resident of oman and i m on my fathers family visa in oman. But my husband works in qatar and he has a work visa in qatar. So my question is : what are the documents i need to take for registering the birth and getting the birth certificate. I am already in oman now. And my delivery is in few weeks.


Does anyone know where is the Ministry of Health centre in Mabella area, Muscat as I want to register my wife's green maternity card? Thanks.

Hello. Could anyone share experience if managed to register expats new born, if only one of the parents was resident of Oman? More interested in cases when mom is resident in Oman. Thx

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