Top hiring sectors in Chennai


let's talk about job opportunities in Chennai.

What are the top hiring sectors?

And according to you, what are the most promising job sectors, which will keep creating jobs in Chennai?

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Hi Julien
        Chennai is also known as  "Detroit of India", it has around 13 different Automobile Manufactures. Apart from that Dell,Nokia,Motorola has its R&D, manufacturing Facilities in Chennai this is just one thing, that being said Chennai is also filled with Lots of IT, Softwares, BPO's, KPO companies which is another thing,
Chennai contributes the GDP of $66 Billion(2012) to the country, having said these, Chennai is still a city under construction, if you are aware of on-going Metro Rail Project, you can easily figure out!!
lots of Realtors Planned to build lots of Skyline apartments in Chennai.
Automobile Sector always remain a core Industry in Chennai, but for a Interim period the Infrastructure Sector Should see some money. So Both these Sectors will recruit lots of Professionals as Investments in these Sectors are huge, so do the profit they are going to generate.

PS: Chennai is commercial City, Cities Health Care is Sought after especially by the Expats...

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I think Software and manufacturing sectors,....

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