Brazilian government allows us to kill Brazilians with imports, why? have always wondered why the Brazilian government allows harmful and potentially deadly products to be imported and sold in this country that have long been banned in many others. Health Canada has a long list of banned food additives and other products that are sold freely here in Brazil. I guess that the government must look at it like some kind of (hidden of course) population control.

Silicone implants - banned in Canada since 1992 I think that Brazil must be the single largest market in the whole world for silicone body implants, especially breasts and bums. I can't imagine why any woman in her right mind would even consider using silicone given all the bad press even if they aren't banned here.

Olestra (Olean) - found in fat-free potato chips

Brominated Vegetable Oil (BVO) - found in sports drinks and citrus flavored soft drinks

Potassium Bromate (Brominated Flour) - found in rolls, wraps, flatbreads, bread crumbs

Azodicarbonamide - found in breads, frozen dinners, boxed pasta mixes (mac&cheese Matt), packaged baked goods

BHA and BHT - found in cereals, mixed nuts, gum, butter, meats, dehydrated potatoes, beer (yikes)

Synthetic Hormones (rBGH and rBST) - found in milk and dairy products

Arsenic - found in poultry

Synthetic Food Coloring - found in almost everything

Cyclamate and Saccharin Sodium - artificial sweeteners banned in Canada for decades sold freely here and used in many products and soft drinks.

Who ever said that Brazil doesn't have a death penalty????

Sorry to be cynical but remember - Brazil strictly regulates the importation of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese. But hey, I am still alive!

Matt V. - Manaus, Amazonas, Brasil
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Yes, this was on 20/20 a couple months ago before I left for Brazil. The women wants them larger - but the only country that will do it is.... you guessed it.... Brazil. … e-19408537

Matt V. - Manaus, Amazonas, Brasil
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And you have absolutely no idea whatsoever how happy I am that the mac & cheese hasn't done you in, especially after all the bureaucracy you had to fight just to get it here!

Yeah, Brazilian women are a strange lot indeed. They buy almost all the world's production of silicone implants when women in other countries who had them from before the ban have been flocking to get them taken out and replaced with safer alternatives.

They also risk their lives with so-called plastic surgeons that aren't qualified to operate on a plastic manequin let alone on a human beings. Every year we see in the news of dozens of Brazilian women, some quite famous, who die as a result of liposuction or some other procedure that's been botched.

You guessed it, nothing ever gets done about it!  Cheers,
  William James Woodward, Brazil & Canada Expert - Expat-blog Team

The ABC news link was awesome. It reminds me now of any Faustão program nowadays.

As for banned substances, you can check the list for the United States and compare it to Europe. I believe that it is really up to the consumer to choose what they buy or put into their bodies.