Is there an electronics parts shop?

I can't seem to find a reasonable size electronics parts shop in Mauritius. I need stuff like coax cables, adapters, led sensors, condensers etc. Maybe something like Radio Shack in the US or Maplin in the UK.

Any hints?

Hello transcom rose hill near the bus terminus and rahim curepipe nesr manhattan shopping center.

well there is so many
but beware they can exploit you on price.
TRANSCOM rosehill
SHENICOM curepipe and rose-belle
CRACK and so countless
there are so many

Hi Silvio,
I know this post is from several years back. I have a similiar problem you are facing. Did you manage to find what you were looking for?

Hi Silvan,

Please send me pictures and quantity of what you are looking for exactly. I might be able to help.

Hello everyone,

[at]veejhy, as [at]Ifaane said, this is a very old topic, you may have not an answer from the original poster.

Wishing you a good day.

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yes you are right...i didn't check the date before bad

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