Artists Looking for Accommodation in July for 1 week

MART is a Visual Arts Group from Ireland and the UK. 4 of our Artists are coming to Bratislava from 11-18th July for an Art Exhibition. We are looking to sublet an apartment/house/rooms. We have a small amount of funding. If you have a spare rooms or free apartment or house we would love to hear from you.

We hope someone out there can help us! Email us on info[at]

Hi Mart! Have you tried the Bratislava classifieds > accommodation section.

Good luck

Yes thanks Christine :) Hopefully something will come up :)

Hi there! I wish we could offer you a place, but we're not there yet.
However, my boyfriend is an artist from Ireland and I am a photographer and we are relocating to Bratislava.
Might you have a connection or two as he will be looking to exhibit his work... which is brilliant!
I would also be interested in showcasing some of my photography.
Your help would be much appreciated!
Smiles, Jess
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