Degree cultural problem for getting family here (KSA)

I am doing job in KSA with ERP Support title, my Iqama for General Accountant. I did MBA in Finance (but I was not mentioned on my MBA degree) and Due to naming issue (in my full name vis national ID card) on my degree, Higher Education Commission did attest/verify my MBA degree was attest/verify as it is as NIC name. And my MBA degree was also cultural Saudi embassy.
In KSA, General Accountant job nature does not match MBA, so they consider MBA as Admin or reporting level job; only will be match it is.
I am considering getting my family here in KSA (as I am here). But I have no idea that cultural MBA with ERP Support title & Iqama for General Accountant will be a problem when I apply for my family; or not. Or degree is required be cultural from Saudi embassy in Pakistan?
Kindly provide me your expert guidance to resolve this issue, ASAP.

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