need job offer to obtain work visa

still living in Austria, but would like to move to the US within the next 6 months (in case I get a job). Last week I started to apply for jobs in sales (sales assistant, sales manager, inside sales, admin.)nationwide.
I am 30 and have about 8 years work experience, the past 6 years in sales starting as admin. and now being sales assistant (basically doing everything a sales manager does, beside travel and have a much lower income).

Does anyone have an advise for me, like companies that are more willing to help people move to the US? Some online company applications already ask: will you need sponsorship to work in the US, wondering if this is pro or con??

Also applying for jobs in Canada, not sure if this is easier??

thanks already

As far as most companies are concerned, it's a con.  It's a lot easier for them to hire someone who doesn't need a visa.  That doesn't mean you can't find a job.  It just means it will be harder.

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