If you have never visited this absolutely beautiful town you should.
It's got a charm and atmosphere like no other town on Cambodia.
Everybody that i have met loves it.But unlike PP Snookville San Reap NO BAR GIRL Bars,so if your seeking that type of entertainment dont bother to come here.But R/R, Relax, sightseeing, and great Restaurant food,and good clean and cheap guesthouses,and very friendly people it is the best place to check out.Like me you will love it guaranteed! Peter Lost Art Restaurant Kampot.

Hi Peter its Steve here - we've met up a couple of times, whenever I've come to Cambodia. I first came in 2010 with my son Louie and then I came alone last year. We had a beer in the Liquid bar in Phnom Penh, when you were talking about running the Lost Art Bar in Kampot.
Anyway I hope you can remember me. I'm coming back on 26th November and will certainly visit you in Kampot and yes you are right - Kampot is SO chilled. I loved it there. Where is Mike (who ran the Lost Art Bar when I was there)? Did he go to Snookville?
OK Peter, be cool, see you, Steve

Hi Mate I remember you Steve, hope your well and hope to catch up for a beer or two? Kampot is the best place i have found in Kampot.Mike is in Ireland as far as I know he recons I am selling too cheap on the noticeboard.Oh Niel's recons I am mad to sell before I enjoy the High Season,truth is he loves our Kami Red Curry and Chips,but no joke, I have had problems with the Mrs so that is the main reason for selling.She has come and gone from Kampot 7 Times in 9 months.i have had enough,she was suppose to run the Restaurant,but she has been more of a hindrance.Nevermind plenty of fish in Cambodia eh? Oh Niel's Bar is 2 doors down from me now in 3 C lounge.We are even doing good in the quiet rainy season because of that, his place is well patronised with drinkers and smokers as you know.Check out the reviews on Trip advisor.Rusty 2 is a sports bar Kristian opened.Rusty keyhole is not as Busy.Blue Bar was a flop and still is but Steve from the Kampot survival guide) and Sreymom have got it now and want to sell for $22Grand I heard.The Pizza next to Niel's is up for sale 16 grand plus Bond deposit and rent in advance.$19grand all up.Rent is $450. If you know anyone interested.My email address is: peterdavidredorchid[at]gmail.com.
Cheers take care
Peter David
Lost Art Kampot :)

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