driving license

My friend,an expat wants to have her driving license made.The driving school says 1 month and Rs. 5000, is required over & above the driving school charges.
has any expat gone through this?can the license be made by the expat by going directly to RTO office? If not what should be the charges for the services.Please advise

One should better contact RTO. The documents for foreigners are:

- Your ‘native place' license
- Proof of residency here in India
- Address proof
- Passport
- PIO card (you can apply on an x-visa, but not on a tourist visa)
- Completed application form
- About 5 passport-sized pictures (you can never have too many!)

Few yrs ago the entire cost was supposedly around rs.85 : rs.35 for the stamp paper and rs.50 for the license itself. However, things were not meant to work out in quite such a pocket-friendly fashion…(copied &pasted)......Goodluck.