If you could choose...

If you could choose anywhere in Europe, where would you live?  Please take everything in consideration: social life, night life, culture, cost of living, etc.

I'm 29 years old, single, no kids, IT professional, very social, get along with everyone, etc...  I'm Canadian, but have been working in the USA for almost 6 years.  I'm kind of tired/sick of living here, although it's not too too bad in Florida, lol.  A change would be nice and my company has just announced (internally) that we need a consultant based in Europe and I'm basically the perfect match for the position since I already have this job in the states so I require no training, etc.  I haven't discussed any details with management yet besides stating that I would be interested...

I actually spent over 3 months working in Europe last year and my first language is French.  I also learned basic Spanish fairly easily a few years back.  I think I could learn most languages so the official language of a country isn't a huge concern for me...  Business is often in English from past experiences anyway. (except in France)  I've visited England, France, Belgium, Sweden and the Netherlands for business already...  I really liked Stockholm, Paris and Amsterdam (except it's smoky everywhere); but I also didn't hate any place in particular.

Any advice would be appreciated :)

Welcome gaiter83,

it's not an easy choice. Haven't you got a small preference?

Every European country has its pros and cons it won't be easy to make a choice.

Must you stay in a capital?

Have you ever been in Spain or in Italy? These countries are pretty interesting too :)

I wouldn't necessarily have to stay in a capital.  I would just need to be able to be close enough to an airport to be able to fly out every week or 2nd week.

I have been to Italy (only Rome though)...  Southern France might be nice, but I'm not sure about the proximity of a major airport.  I'm assuming that it's easy to fly out from Marseille and maybe a few other places.

Do you prefer British, Scandinavian, Mediterranean, Dutch culture?   (not an easy choice)

That definitely isn't an easy choice; might have think about that...  I would probably stay away from the UK.  Not because I don't like the UK, but just based on cost of living.

Are you willing to learn a new language? Can be very interesting but not so easy everyday ...

I would look at the airline schedules and patterns first...that seems to be a qualifying factor for you...find out which cities and airports have excellent service to where you will mostly travel, with good public transit and access, then look at the style and cost of living in the areas that are easily accessed from these airports, ie not on the diametrically opposite side of Paris or London....that may be a way to start narrowing it down.

Oh gosh, I could say Montpellier, in the Mediterranean and the trains are wonderful.
But I am just biased :-P

oreneta :

I would look at the airline schedules and patterns first...that seems to be a qualifying factor for you...

I agree.  I definitely need access to a good airport.  Most of my current clients are in the UK, Belgium, Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark and in the Paris region.  My company actually has their European operations address near Amsterdam, but it's not a necessity for my job to be there.  The last person does this job was in Dublin.  I also have a few friends in Stockholm so that would be cool. (but also cold, lol)

I should have more details tomorrow, but from what my boss told me today it's pretty much my job if I want it I guess...  :)

I'm pretty excited to maybe have the chance to live in another part of the World...  And at the same time, I'm not in a hurry to have to deal with the move, selling stuff I can't bring, etc.

Well, I had a more thorough discussion about the position today with management...  Like I said, looks like it's basically my job.  And it looks like I would be based in Amsterdam since we have an office there so I could host meetings if needed, etc.  Technically, I could choose between London and Amsterdam, but I think with cost of living, etc. that I'll go for Amsterdam although the company would be paying for my living expenses...  I should be relocated by June 1st (I think) :)

Great news! You should require assistance from your company to find an accommodation, I have heard it can be tough to relocate in Amsterdam.

Yes. my company would actually be assisting to find and then paying the rent and all my living expenses.  They even asked me which part of the city I'd want to live in,  so that's cool :) 

Anyone know typical rental prices in Amsterdam?  Also, any advice on which neighbourhood to live in?

A'dam is my second favourite city.
Lucky you ! :-)

(and I can't help with the rent, I heard of 500€ for a small flat downtown, at least, that's what one my cousins pay, 10 minutes away from the central station...)

Yeah, I've been to Amsterdam 3 times and love it too...

Does anyone know any good sites to search for apartments in Amsterdam?  Most of what I'm finding appears to be for vacation rentals and not for long term rentals...  Thanks.

Amsterdam! Lucky you...Perhaps you might want to take a short-term let for a couple of months and then look for something more permanent when you're there...Just an idea. L

I have never been to Amsterdam but a friend of mine told me that that place was cool
here in Norway is pretty quiet and cold.

Good luck

I'll be there by August at the latest...  Already have the keys to an apartment :)  Only stayed in it one night so far though...  Can't wait!!

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