Looking for any work!!

I'm looking to pack in my life in England as its too hard  I'm currently working as a petroleum pump engineer / pipe fitter and iv had enough of working silly hours sitting in silly traffic and have decided to make a change in my life, i have recently got my dog a passport I have finished my motor home and told the girlfriend that were off. So I'm looking for any work not really fussy i have worked in most skills but willing to learn train and teach if anyone could help that would be great......

Hi Nicklt35,

Can you please give us more information about the kind of teaching job you are looking for, is it technical teaching, language teaching job. This might help us to guide you. Thank you! ;)



I don't really wanna teach I just meant I'd do any work for cash

Hi Nicklt35,

I suggest you check out the Jobs in Amsterdam section and maybe drop your resume in the work sector that you feel more comfortable with.. please :)

Thank you

Best of luck


Hi there,

You might be interested to sign up for www. eures.com
It's a pretty good site to find jobs and related information on working migration and so forth..


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