search appartment or house to rent

Anyone now any website to search used things to buy like
Or any website to search houses or appartments to rent, but without agencies, to rent to the owner?
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João Rafael Sousa

For used things:

To rent a house or appartment,if you don't use an agent, you'll have to drive around in the area & look for them without agent,most times there are signs with their telephone number.

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95% of owners advertise through estate agents who take as their commission the first month's rent from the owner. But agents and owners advertising directly advertise 95% of property on

+1 for immoweb :)

Used things : 2ememain/Tweedehands - VivaStreet
Flats : Immoweb, Immovlan or list here

Have you checked our classifieds and housing sections?

Worth a quick try, isn't it ? ;)

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