Looking for meeting new friends!

My name is Giorgia, I am 23 and I come from the city of Como, North Italy. I came recently in Vienna for doing the au pair girl in a family and I will start the German school. I decided to temporarily leave my city to learn a new language and for take a break after university and before start working, I would like to become a graphic designer and for now I would like to make new friends in Vienna. I really like to go out, go to the disco, have fun and I like to drink coffee. Anyone who wanted to go out for a drink some nights or for go get a cup of coffee can write here or even in private.

I'm waiting for your news
Giorgia :D

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Hi Georgia,
I too recently moved to Vienna for work and looking for some friends to hangout with. Would be interested then please let me know.

Sounds like a plan! I've been looking for a drinking buddy. What district you in?

Hi Georgia,

I'm Mike and I just arrived in Vienna about a week ago with my girlfriend who's from here. I'd like to meet new people to get a bit more used to this city and feel a bit more like this is MY city. I know a bit of German but clearly not enough to say that I'm fluent. I'm working on that.

Anyway. I'd be happy to hang out, if interested.

(I used to live in Dublin for two years just before moving here, if you want stories about how life is there, I'm the guy! :p)

Mike, I don't mean to intrude but your avatar seems kinda familiar to me.

It's Revy from the anime Black Lagoon :)

LOL I knew it. Its very rare to find a Geek here :D

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