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Hey everyone :)

I'm Paria, 23 and I'm studying Educational Science. I'm originally from Iran but I grew up in Vienna. I'm fluent in German and Farsi but I would love to improve my English Speaking.
So if there are any native English Speaker who would like to hang out with me some time, let me know ;)

I'd be delighted :)


I would be interested in meeting-- maybe over drinks or coffee.  Let me know if you are interested.

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Hey paria,
My name is Qi I'm from Brooklyn, been in Vienna about 6 months but had a broken leg for 4 of them. I've got nothing but free time and I only speak English. Let me know if ya wanna have a drink and a chat.

I would be interested in meeting .


If you still haven't found a tutor, please, contact me! :)

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