Offer Analysis

I am new to this forum, I am 50 with grown up kids.

I have been offerred recently a position in Riyadh for 200,000 PA basic salary. I need all the help I can get in evaliuating this offer.

I am earning about 20 Lakh PA in a cushy job in delhi

Is the offer good. Should I take a plunge.

How is the expense side. Can I get a good 2 bedroom apartment in a safe locality ? What could be the range.

How is social life?

Any input is appreciated and welcome.

It is a fairly good offer, but not great. It also depends on bonuses, how many air tickets you get, housing allowance, and any other perks. Do you get a car?

Thanks very much for help.

I am still awaiting more info. I believe I am eligible for a car.

Monthly comes to 17000 Is it enough to support 4 persons.

thanks fr help

For a 2 BHK Flat you would need to pay btw 20K-35K annually depending on locality in Riyadh. Set up expenses of appliances etc. may also be arnd 12K with some 2nd hand furniture.... Monthly living expenses can be done in abt 2500 for family of 4....

but waht you need to think is that the social life here is pretty non-exsistent with no major hangouts... women need to wear Burqa outside etc.

Dear Kymadoce

Thanks. Much appreciated.

Just wonder, estimate you gave is for flat in a known compound. Is there a long waiting period. Don't you think it may be better to look for a furnished flat.

Moreover what could be rough estimate for utilities gas, internet and telephone electricity etc.

How is life ? Is it safe for familiy. Can ladies step out on their own.

Is there a large Indian expatriate polulation.

Thanks fr help. I am sure this interaction will help me taking a correct decision.

Hi rusagrointertrade,

It would be good if you go for furnished accommodation as a start and then move in an apartment if you wish to stay for a long time. And cost of the above mentioned utilities is pretty economical i.e. domestic gas + Internet + Telephone shouldn't cost you more than 300 SAR/month.
Saudi Arabia is very safe countries for families and ladies can go out on their own. And of-course Saudi Arabia has a large number of expats from India an other South Asian countries, you would find yourself stranded as an alien ;. Saudi Arabia is a very good country to save and live a peaceful life


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