Finding a job when you aren't in Mauritius

I need to know how easy it will be to find a job from South Africa.  Is it better to be in Mauritius and then seek employment?  And how would you then work the visa for this? 

I have posted my CV on My Jobs and I have also applied to 4 positions and I havent had any responses.  I am concerned that when they see I live in Durban South Africa, that they dont look any further. 

Am I just being too impatient?

If I went to Mauritius without a job what are my chances of securing employment within 7 days (basically the max I could afford to stay without a job and thats stretching it).

I am in the finance field and I have a degree as well as 5 - 10 years experience.

Any advice welcome!


There are some guides to help you : … itius.html

And if you check the r.h.s sidebar there is another guide for  "working in Mauritius"

Thanks for the reply!

I have already looked at this links you gave though and I am wondering if it is even possible to get a job from outside Mauritius?

Hi Des,

Why don't you just Google and type the title of the job you would like to find in Mauritius?

I have done this before for my husband (other countries) and found many offers like this.

Just give it a try...

Good luck

Thanks Arlette!

Des1313 :

I am wondering if it is even possible to get a job from outside Mauritius?

Affirmative but certain criteria should be met by the prospective employer as per the guidelines:

GUIDELINES FOR WORK PERMIT APPLICATIONS by the Ministry of Labour, Industrial Relations and Employment of Mauritius … 202010.pdf

Certain conditions have been changed since March 5th and the doc. has not been updated yet!

So if there is no demand for your competencies ( or if they can hire locally) , some won't respond to your enquiries- same everywhere.

My dear Des1313

For sure, it’s not an easy task to get a job in Mauritius when you are abroad, as 99% of the employers would, other than analyzing the CV, like to see the ”face” of the prospective employee.

With a degree in finance and 5 - 10 years experience, you stand a good chance of getting something suitable.

Still, I could not understand the “5 - 10 years experience”, since this is quite vague.

I would rather invite you to send me your CV, and from there I could advise you on your chances of getting a proper job here.



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