Orchestras/other music groups/violin lessons

Hello all,

I will be moving to Stavanger on November 7th!

I play the violin (not professionally, but as a long-standing hobby that I picked up again fairly recently) and I would be very interested to know of any amateur orchestras or other music groups that people know of.

Or maybe there are other musicians out there who are looking for people to play with? Maybe we can form something small of our own :-)

Also, I wondered if people knew of a violin teacher, or maybe could offer a tip as to where to look for one?

Many thanks,


Hi Jennifer,

Please feel free to post an advert in the Artists, musicians in Stavangern section, this might surely help. Thank you!



Hi Jennifer, I was wondering if you are still living in Stavanger? I will be moving there in August and I'd really like to start up a band there. I currently have a backing band for the songs I write and I'd really like to carry that on when I get to Norway. I currently have 2 violinists and a cellist. You can hear my music on soundcloud.com/prophetbird
Thank you,

Hi Ben,
Thanks for your message. I'm afraid I'm back in the UK now. I wish you all the best with your band!
Enjoy Stavanger,

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