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So, this will be a wall of text, so you have been forewarned :) Long story short, I am in love with Budapest, I have lived here for 1 year, and I would love to come back, but I need a job offer to get me started. Short story long? Well, here goes:

In 2009 I've received a job offer at a television company (Telemedia) in Budapest, and I accepted it. I didn't know much about the city, I always thought that Hungarian is a lousy (oops :D) language, never bothered to listen closely to it, it's probably because there is much animosity in Romania between the native population and the Szekely (a branch of Hungarians that have been living in Transylvania/Erdelyi for a lot of time now). I didn't know anything about the city, just what I've been google-ing after I've got the job offer, so I just packed my bags and off I went, and after 14 (fourteen goddamn it) hours on the train, I finally arrived. Man, was I impressed! Actually, I think "impressed" does not give Budapest credit. I was BLOWN AWAY! I've never given much thoughts to architecture styles and stuff, but if there's one style that I truly LOVE, it's the way old buildings look in Budapest. I just fell in love with the city at first sight! It was clean, but not SPARKLING and ARTIFICIAL clean (ever been to Switzerland or even Germany? you'll know what I mean), the people were smiling but they weren't grinning like idiots, girls were beautiful, dang, I was in paradise! The first few months were bliss: I had loads of money, parties non-stop (Szimpla kert is my favourite place in Budapest, yes I know that everyone loves that cafe, oh and also, Mumus is a great place), I started even liking the language haha! I was living in a quite posh neighbourhood (in the 12th district, around Mom Park), life was good man. But after about 1 year, my job contract expired, and I was left on my own. I hadn't saved any money ('cause I totally rocked the parties back then), and after 1 month of unsuccessfully searching for a job, I came back to Bucharest. I never gave up searching for a job in Budapest, but I was never lucky (or maybe, qualified) enough to get one, although I have applied in these 3 years (2011, 2012 and 2013) for dozens of jobs. Strange thing is that I was even called for an interview like 1 month ago, but I couldn't go since I'm not living in Budapest at the moment, and apparently they haven't heard of Skype grrr!
I would LOVE to come back and live in Budapest again, because I love everything about it, the buildings, the atmosphere, the people (I love Hungarians because they are not false people, it takes time to be their friend, but if you get there, you will get a friend for life, and I totally respect that), the food, the parties, man, everything about it. I even love that higher numbered districts (ever been to the XXIIIrd for example? It's another world there) for their rustic and sometimes communist feel (I'm born and raised in Bucharest, so I know how that's like), EVERYTHING about it! If I could, I would move there tomorrow, but I can't. And this is where I ask for YOUR help.

I need a job offer. Now, what can I do? Well, I'm an University graduate (Bachelor of Arts - English and Japanese - 4 years), I have worked as a TV Show Producer for 1 year, as a Human Rights Researcher and translator from English to Romanian for 3 years, and now I'm working as a Market Researcher for a company that sells electronic products. I am fluent in English and Romanian (obviously). I can learn ANYTHING, and fast. I am VERY PC savvy, I've loved computers and PC games since I've been a kid, and I know how to troubleshoot software AND hardware problems with my eyes closed (I can even assemble computers from scratch). What else? Oh, I'm a very good translator (a professional, sworn in by the Romanian Ministry of Justice) of English to Romanian and vice versa. I am also freelancing for Lionbridge as an Internet Assessor (if you guys know what that's about).
Anyways, I've talked long enough here, I guess what I'm trying to ask you is that if you have, or know about, a job offer in Budapest that pays moderately good (I'm not picky about the salary) and which I could do, please give me a message and help a fellow who's desperately longing to return to this wonderful city. If you need any other details, I am here for you!

I THANK YOU with all my heart for taking the time reading my "last resort" message and I truly hope to hear from you guys soon!


Hello Ahelis.

Welcome to :)

Nice introduction :top:

I would invite you to post your resume/CV in the Entertainment job offers in Budapest section. It shall help.


Karen :)

Hey Karen!

Thanks, I'll do that pronto :)

Ahelis :

I just fell in love with the city at first sight! It was clean, but not SPARKLING and ARTIFICIAL clean (ever been to Switzerland or even Germany? you'll know what I mean),

Been to Germany. Lived in Switzerland. I know exactly what you mean. One of the reasons I came to Hungary was to live in a place that was more about living a human life, not a sterilized life.

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