Any good tips on where to buy a used car in Accra?

Hi there,

time's running, we're about to move to accra, ghana.

Does anyone know where I could find an honest used car dealer in Accra? We are not looking for anything fancy, no pimped cars or so but for family usage. Has to be well maintained and safe. preferably Volkswagen or so.

Thank you in advance for any good advice!!


Spintex Road, opposite HFC. Ask for Ben.

have you tried  this

Make sure u collect the Customs documents from the seller and double check with the customs if the documents are true. There are a lot of stolen cars, cars brought in from Togo without payment of duties and so on. So just make sure all the papers are right, or u might get problems when u want to sell it.

that's a good one, thank you margaritaB.

I'll try to be awake....

I am Mrs Farida Sekhar, living in Ghana. I am selling my car Hyundai Lantra as we are moving to Nigeria soon. it is in good condition. My tel. no. is 246599205. I am also selling Antiques, furniture and electronics. The house I stay is beautiful incase u are intrested. It is located in Tema about 25kms from Accra the capital of Ghana.

Hello my name is Tamika Williams Obeng my husband (Richard) and I and own three used auto part stores in Accra. Please email me directly @ tamika2fly[at] The exact location is in Abo So Ki which is a area in Accra that deals with used autoparts. My husband is currently in the United States and will be returning to Ghana in May. We have purchased a used Jetta and I believe two other cars to sell upon his return.I can be reached via cell phone 704-315-3500 email me or call to discuss further details of what your looking for. We are a respectable and trusted family bussiness and we take what we do very seriously. Looking forward to hearing from you in the very near future

Tamika Williams Obeng

Hi Farida and Tamika! Could you please post in the Ghana classifieds > buy and sells section.

Thank you! :)


Not to  be  kill joy but there noting in classifields area.
can you as the  adminstrator  sorce  information  to   put  in this  section. Many Thanks

What  electronic are you selling? a tv, cooker, microwave, hi fi, fridge, generator by any chance?

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