does anyone know where is this location in istanbul ?

Hi all,

I have the below photos for a place in Istanbul, it should be some where in Istanbul Asian side near Atasehir Umraniye.

could you please help my out and point the location on google map?


The photos aren't accessible unfortunatley

ya, its need to be approved by admin

I dont know if I can post a link instead!

you can write it with cuttin the "www." part ort put some space somewhere in it then it wont take that a link we will put it together :)

www. dropbox. com/s/qft66rhkcchhos8/IMG_1465.JPG
www. dropbox. com/s/d74zaedby6o7lt9/IMG_1462.JPG
www. dropbox. com/s/qmpokx8ujfqn6l4/IMG_1464.JPG
Thanks Maan :)

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