Beware of Fraudulent Immigrations Consultants

hi,  i wants to visit canada with my husband and can anyone tell me any registered law firm for prepration of my visa application?regards

Hello all,

Do you know of any recruitment agency in Canada that assists foreign nationals? Any info will be appreciated. Thanking you in advance.


Hello everyone,

@ Aaron, you will find some contacts here : Recruitment Agencies in Canada

All the best

Hi,someone help:i would like a second opinion on this
i contacted one of the recruiting agents listed on the jobs section here and apparently a lady got in touch with me,she is supposedly the HR director for a company in Quebec.I sent her my resume and she says they have given me an offer and  the paragraph below is what she wrote to me:

"your file was in treatment and you were held for the desired post, however it is necessary to make validate your offer to the immigration for a second signature to allow you to take your visa. Attached the document of immigration. Acquaints and inform me for the continuation so that you receive by post your letter of job offer. And PLEASE send me your address mail valid, two passport photo for your certificate, a copy of your birth certificate and a copy of your document of journey or passport. Thank you."

I would like to know the authenticity of the info.what is required of me once i get a job offer?are there payments i need to make to immigration for them to release a certificate /letter? What is making me suspicious is that the email address ends with

Kindly advise.

she then attached the following  form :

Application package–Quebec-
Canada selected skilled workers

Important message

Rules were adopted by the Ministry of Immigration, the Diversity and the
Inclusion with regard to the process of validation of the letter of job offer
and or contract of employment presented for the subcategory of the
qualified workers.

SECTION 1: Job offer validated in Canada and in Quebec
 Must have a certificate of the Environmental study on the labor
market (EIMT) supplied by the Employment and Social
Development of Canada(ESDC),
 To have a certificate of the environmental study on the labor
market (EIMT) supplied by the Employment and Social
Development of Canada (ESDC), expenses will be required.
 Supply a copy of the certificate of the environmental study on the
labor market (EIMT) to make validate a letter of job offer or
contract of employment in Canada and or in Quebec.

SECTION 2: Pay the fees
There are two ways you can pay: Contact us about accepted
methods of payment.
The candidate has to make sure that his employer made approve this
offer by the Ministry. Besides, the candidate has to pay the fees for
the delivery of the certificate of the environmental study on the labor
market (EIMT) supplied by the EMPLOYMENT and Social
Development of Canada (ESDC) for the validation of his contract of
employment with the Ministry of Immigration, the Diversity and the
Inclusion through the company of the recruitment, otherwise the file
will not be handled and will be return to the company accredited:
The required expenses vary according to the country and or to the
continent of residence:
Africa - 1500.00 $, America – 1000.00 $, Asia – 1000.00 $, Europe
– 1000.00 $

SECTION 3: Linguistic knowledge in French and in English
Your linguistic knowledge will be only estimated according to the
level-headedness confirmed on the certificates of results and the
recognized diplomas.

For the linguistic knowledge in French, the test and the diplomas
recognized by the Ministry are the following ones: the test of
knowledge of French(TCF), the Diploma of studies in French
language (DELF), awards a diploma to it thorough of French
language (DALF) – all of the international Center of educational
studies – or the test of evaluation of French adapted for Quebec
(TEFAQ), the test of Evaluation of French (TEF) and the Test of
Evaluation of French for Canada(TEF Canada) – of the chamber of
commerce and industry of these tests and diplomas estimate the oral
understanding, the written understanding, the oral expression and
the written expression.

Points in the railing of selection are granted according to the results
indicated on the certificates of results of the standardized tests or,
where necessary, on the back of diplomas DELF and DALF. If you
do not submit a certificate of results or a diploma for one of these
skills in oral French or in written French, you will not obtain any point
for this criterion of linguistic evaluation.
Only supporting documents delivered by the bodies’ suppliers of
these tests: International Center of Educational studies, Chamber of
commerce and industry of Paris-island of France) are recognized by
the Ministry.
The results have to date at least from two years to the date the
presentation of request.
Common values of the company Canadian and Quebec.
Canada and Quebec welcomes immigrant people with their know how,
their skills, their language, their culture and their religion.
Canada and Quebec offers services to these people to facilitate their
integration and their full participation to the company Canadian and
from Quebec.
Become integrated into the company Canadian and from Quebec, it’s
to be ready to know and to respect the common values.

Hi all,

@pmuiyuro Most likely the the email address is a personal email account. I would advise you not to proceed further. Especially, if a formal recruiting process weren't followed. Did this person give you a contact or a physical address of the prospective employer?

@ Bhavna Thank you for the info  :)

Definitely a scam, spelling and grammar errors in text are a real giveaway. If you have an e-mail from any free e-mail provider such as gmail, hotmail, outlook, yahoo, etc., it clearly is a scam, no reputable agency uses free e-mail. Up front fees, also indicate a scam. Stay away!!!

James Experts Team

Hi James and Am86 this was the information below her email

Madame Cynthia Vanessa PEARSON
Directeur des Ressources Humaines et membre de l'administration
3081, Rue Père Bressani, G8Z 1T5 Québec(CANADA)
Tél : +1 819-995-8700

Does any one have recommendation for a good immigration lawyer?

Hi Philip..

Happy to see your messages about the fraudulent immigration consultants
Am a Graduate and having 14 years of experience in supply chain,
last five years working in Sr. Executive Logistics positing for Redington in various locations like Nigeria , Ghana , Senegal.

Currently looking to get PR visa for Canada .
am trying many consultants  ... but not able to trust and
so am looking your support to get the right consultants,

Thanks in advance.

Balamurugan. P

Thanks James I am so grateful.

Grammar is so bad! This is definitely a scammer.

Hi, how do I go about checking whether or not the company at this website is genuine? Is there anyone here who has used this company before?

hi james are you in bulgaria if so can you look at a house close to sunny beach xxx

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Hello ImmigrationWerx (Canada)  How are you? my name is Johnna Purdy i am from the us  I would like to have more information as to what you offer and how you may be able to help my fiance Fadi. He is from tunisia and he is a good man. He is a very hard worker and  a quick learner. he would be an asset to anyone willing to take a chance on him. we have been trying to find a way to be together ( other then me living in tunisia.)  and i am sure you know the situation in my country which is making it near impossible.
Thank You for your time
Johnna Purdy ( fiance to Fadi Nafti)

ImmigrationWerx (Canada) :

Shame on you!

Not really. The OP said nothing wrong at all, just warned of the dodgy end of the market.

Please read carefully before moaning or you could make yourself look silly and unprofessional.

That would be a pity and perhaps put potential customers off because you've told everyone who you are.

Hi James,

It would be a very helpful warning for me especially. In certain, there are definitely some believable agency which can support immigrant or international students to proceed documents with CIC governing, besides online fraud agency, right?

So, is there anyone know Law Agency or Lawyer or Immigrated agency that can support a new comer?

Merry Christmas ALL

Perhaps this is a good time to inform newer members of the forum our friend James is unable to answer as he was suddenly and unexpectedly taken away from the world in unpleasant circumstances.

Hi Fred,

OMG, so sad to hear that about James!

hi all , i am egyptian living in egypt , i need any help to get me immigrates to any country as fast as possible please
i have a bachelor degree in commerce - english section - i am a banker now - with a total years of experience 6 years.
Please please help me
whatever the way , the mean , the solution i will do it

hi can you share the job site

Hi all,

I am from Vietnam and would like to immigrate to Canada under Canadian Priority Residence Program (CPRP).

I am a Managing Director with over 15 years of experience of furniture manufacturing and sales. I have worked for a commercial bank taking care international banking operation for 4 years.  In addition to this, I have a BA in English.

I have signed the service contract with law office of Colin R. Singer

What I need to do now is to find a job in Canada from employer sponsorship on a temporary or permanent basis. After I got the working permit, my law service company will handle the documents.

I have found and sent my job application to many companies that I found from job websites but I have not received any feedback so far. I know this seeking need time and efforts and then I have tried my best.

I appreciate for your recommendation any that suitable employers for me to find more.

Many thanks for your kind assistance.

Best regards,
My Binh

hi everyone  am new here and am so proud to be part of this big familly i took time to read all the comment and i noticed there is a mutal respect u guys have for each other.and and your conversations are very interesting and helfull

That is so true. More than one crocked lawyers have taken my money in Toronto.
Most of them are either not knowledgeable and  pretend to be or they know but won't tell you the truth, why ?  Because honesty doesn't  work ! Anything to take your money and give you false hopes... You are better off just reading the official immigration website,  even if complicated. My advise :don't go to any immigration lawyer in Toronto.  They are unscrupulous! A friend of mine just lost 10 000 dollars for a supposedly 'guaranteed' permanent residency after.  Guess what?  It didn't work and he never got his money back.

So,  just be careful and Don't believe what they say.

8-9 months... No that doesn't seem to be possible. Do not pay anything or send any money.  You will never see it back and you won't get the PR either.  Just try to do it on your own reading the official website. Either,  you have a case and it will work or you Don't have a valid case and no lawyer or consultant will be able to fix thcase Just be careful,  the 'so called certified consultants' are incompetent and greedy.

Thanks for sharing this on this platform. I will need to be more careful cos am in need of one now for my girlfriend.

good morning,thank you for this help.

I am trying to immigrate to Canada. My WES is done & so is IELTS.
My CRS Score needs to be increased a bit so that I can get the invitation easily without waiting for a long period of time.

I would appreciate if anyone can help me out with a LMIA approved NOC A/B job offer which can just boost my score.
Would be waiting for replies.

Just be careful!
It's full of consultants who are crooks in Canada.
They will take your money,  tell you some unrealistic stories and then once your Case is rejected,  they will vanish into the air, or tell you 'oh there was not any guarantee, the final decision is on Immigration Canada' and hide behind this statement. The are greedy and unscrupulous !
Make sure you double or even triple check everything they say.
As a matter of fact,  there is a good documentary on this subject on Thursday night at 10 pm on Canadian TV.

Thanks for your information.

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