Soccer Games - You Are Welcome to Join

Hello everyone,

I'm new to this blog, and it seems very interesting. I wish one day I become friends with members from this blog.

Anyway, my friends and I are going to play soccer in Derayah, about 25 mins of central Riyadh. We are a group of 10, and looking for 6 more people to join.

Our game is about 1.5 hour long and is played on Tuesdays, after 9:00 p.m. We play on weekly basis, so if you can't make it this week, you certainly can join by next week.

If you need a ride, please let me know earlier.

Best of Luck!

I added my phone number, but it's not showing for some reason.
0 5 9 1 3 0 0 8 8 6

Love to join! playing this tuesday?

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