Anyone Teach Music Theory?

I'm really interested in learning music theory but don't know if there are any real music teachers out here, though there are many musicians.

I would like to learn music theory and do grades (Trinity)and be a grade 8 musician.

Well, my background, I'm a self taught musician, i've basic knowledge of music theory, but is mostly a ear trained guy, i've been playing bass for almost 4 yrs now, can read tabs but not sheet music.

i want to go further to improve my music skills by being musically trained to read sheet notes.

Guess, i'll be interested in going for piano or bass

Hello bassie.

Have you tried to post an advert in the Music Classes in Riyadh section? It might help. Thanks. Karen :)

Hi Bassie,
I have a master's in Music theory.  I don't have a lot of free time- but enough to meet up once or twice a month.  Message me if you are interested.

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