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Hi guys

I am working with a company who want to set up a new LLC in Rio. The company is based in Buenos Aires, but we are aware that the law requires a manager who has a permanent work visa for Brazil or is a Brazilian citizen. We are looking for any general advice on doing this, in particular:

How long is it likely to take to set up a new LLC in Brazil?
Once set up is it likely the company will be able to get a work visa for me (a British citizen) so that I can go and help them on the ground? If so how long is this likely to take, and is it a costly process?

Any advice would be much appreciated as we are trying to avoid spending toooo much time with expensive lawyers on the basics



Hi Matt,

Brazil is one of the most bureaucratic countries in the world in a number of different areas - business start-up, registration and taxation are without a doubt the most difficult and complex in the civilized world.

On average it takes around 180 days or more to go through all the steps in setting up a business here. It also necessitates the participation of a lawyer and accountant in the process. Extremely difficult to cope with when you consider in many countries (USA and Canada for example) business start-up averages around 30 days. I wish that I could remember the name of the company, approaching Alzheimers I guess, but I once read about a large Canadian company doing business here in Brazil that had a staff of 200 people just to deal with the tax issues, while at the same time in their operation back in Canada this was handled easily by THREE part-time employees. Not surprising.

There is NO GUARANTEE whatever that once set up the company could really obtain a VITEM-V Work Visa for you since Brazilian law requires ALL employers to demonstrate clearly that they have exhausted all efforts to place a qualified Brazilian in any job vacancy before they are allowed to hire a foreign national to fill the vacancy.  Cheers,
  William James Woodward – Brazil Animator, Expat-blog Team

Matt, setting up the company is not that complex. It requires the use of an accountant and may take from 30 to 90 dias (180 is very extreme).

You do however need a Brazilian partner, or, at least someone with a permanent residency permit.

If it is your intention to actually work in the company, the best option is the investor visa, which requires an 150K R$ investment in the company you're setting up.

Getting another visa, as james stated is rather unlikely.

Thanks both for your responses! Some interesting food for thought.

All the best


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