Looking to start hostel/ bar in Cambodia

Currently I am looking for property in Phnom Penh. A good location is a must. It doesn't have to have a lot of bedrooms as long as some of them are big. Ideally the property will have been vacant for some time and the owner be ok with changes being made to the property. I'm not extremely interested in buying an existing business but am open to the idea. So what I am looking for is a house that I can turn into a hostel/ bar.
If anyone has any suggestions or can recommend a real estate agent that can help I would appreciate it. Also I'm not set on Phnom Penh, it can be anywhere in Cambodia.

Hello Ramblinman.

I would suggest you to browse the offers in the Professional spaces in phnom penh or post an advert there.

Thanks and best of luck.

Karen :)

Will do, thanks.

Thank you to everyone who messaged me. I have found a place on victory hill in shianoukville. I have 3 rooms and a bar if any one is in the area and wants to meet up for a beer. The name of the place is bongo lounge & guesthouse.

So, great. If you need the place in Phnom penh. We can help!. We have a lot of commercial properties. get in touch.


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