Bring my car to Belgium

Hello every one,
I want to bring my Portuguese car to Belgium.
And i wanna know if i must change the car plates and that? And if yes, how many time do i have do it?
Because i have an uncle in Luxembourg, and he tell me if i go to Portugal once an year, i don't have to change it.
Thanks for whatching and i hope any one can help me
João Rafael Sousa

If you are officially resident in Beligium, you have 6 months from the arrival of the car into Belgium to change plates.

You def have to change it for things like you cant get insured without Belgium plates. You have to go and present your car to be imported with ownership papers and a certificate of conformity and they will arrange the papers to start the process and correct stamps you then have to get the car tested and get a stamp from a insurance place to say they will insure you then you will get the plates and your insurance will be issued once u paid. Well this is how it worked for in the end

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