i want to find job in south korea

i'm looking for job in south korea

Hello takwa dawi and welcome to Expat.com :)

Can you please introduce yourself and also precise in which sector you're looking for a job?


Karen :)

im from tunisia i want to find job in seoul because it is my dream to live there

It may be your dream but we need a lot more information before we can offer assistance.

What type of work are you looking for.
What qualifications do you have. 
How much experience do you have.

i'm business administration student i speak english and french fluent i'm trying to have  my first job in south korea

hey there , i kinda have the same dream . u have 2 ways to go about his : enroling in a korean university and go as an exchange student make sure u get languang lessons in ur courses , or u can learn korean at tunis finish ur degree and fitch for a job there! learn the language hard and dont forget that their labormarket is way more competetive than tunis ! hope i helped , anyo :p

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