Internet connections and second hand furniture

My husband and i are planning to move to Guadeloupe next year and I'd like to find out whether there are any problems with Internet connections on the island. We need internet for work, especially Skype calls. Also, is it easy to set up an Internet connection if one doesn't exist in the place you move into?

We're planning on arriving in early August and initially staying in a holiday house for about 3 weeks while we look around and find somewhere long term. Is this a good time of year to find long term rental accommodation? Also, if we get somewhere unfurnished, is it easy to buy second hand furniture? In the UK we have lots of charity shops and private sales through newspapers and Internet, is this the same in Guadeloupe? Or would we be better off getting somewhere furnished?

Any advice on which area to move to would also be very much appreciated.

Hi Rachnbar,

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I suggest you post an advert in theHousing in Guadeloupe section and please mention or specify what you looking for(internet, wi-fi, furnished or no...) :)

Maybe post another advert in the Moving sales in Guadeloupe please :)

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