Doctor/Hospital Recommendation - non urgent care

I haven't seen a doctor in many years and would like just a general physical exam.  Is there a doctor or hospital that anyone can recommend?  Anyone out there had a positive experience?


My family and I use Victoria Healthcare offices mostly. Except we did use FV a lot when my wife was pregnant. However we really like Victoria. The doctors are all professional and speak English well, which is important to me.

I believe they have a couple locations. The link to their website is below.

How was your experience with FV?

Family Medical Center in Diamond Plaza, District 1.

saigonmonkey :

Family Medical Center in Diamond Plaza, District 1.

Family Medical !! I went to FV 2 months ago and all I can say is the doc was an idiot ! Have been to Family Medical 2 times now and have had nothing but a great experience with them.

My experience was the same.  I actually had the pleasure of spending three days at FV hospital.  Their doctors are completely useless.  Most first year med students know more about medicine and treatment.  I've learned to stay away from FV if you need a competent doctor (although they do have a nice facility).

I have used so far the Chao Ray Hospital (district 5). A bit of old fashion like building and the odd paper work, it was surprisingly good.
Doctors and nurses are quite good and some reasonable English is spoken.

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