Hope somebody can advice me. I live in London. Teaching English and Job skills to adults. Desperately looking to move to Belgium to be with my partner as this long-distance relationship is killing me. Any idea about applying for teaching jobs in Belgium, full or part time. I have a teaching degree and a CELTA. Any advice, no matter how small will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
Kind regards,

Hi Fatima! Have you tried the Belgium classifieds > job section.

Good luck to you.

Hi Christine,

Thanks for your help. I did nothing at the moment but ill keep trying.


Hello Fatima,
I would strongly recommend Inlingua language school in Antwerp or in Gent (just google inlingua taalen school). I also know that the english department at university of antwerp is looking for people at the moment. If you are still looking i can dig up the contacts though I think they also need Delta... good luck:) Hany

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