Motorbike riding in Brunei

Hi. We are hoping to move to Brunei later this year and wondered how prevelant motorbike riding is in Brunei? Is it acceptable for a woman to ride a motorbike? Thanks for your help with this question. Jandi

Hi Jandi,

Motorbikes are not that common on the roads in Brunei, they tend to be used more as a leisure activity.  Most bikes are mopeds/scooters.  There are a couple of Bike Clubs and most members ride Harleys.  The standard of driving is not too bad here but the average person speeds, doesn't check mirrors and uses their mobile while driving (even though the law prohibits all). 

There is certainly no reason why a female shouldn't ride a motorcycle.

I hope this helps


Thanks Xcaliba! We normally use bikes as our main mode of transport, might have to go over to cars!


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